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How Does Rent 2 Own Cars haslingden Work?

How does The Rent 2 Own Cars Haslingden System work?

We offer a very simple and transparent way of arranging Rent to Own packages to suit each individual. Each person has a different set of circumstances and requirements when it comes to buying a car so we look at each case independently and work out a deal which is beneficial to both parties.

Rent2Own Cars Haslingden works on a simple “Rent to Own” basis.  All vehicles purchased through the scheme are owned and registered by Rent 2 Own Cars Haslingden until all payments are paid in full, at which time the registration will be transferred to you and you will become the Owner of the vehicle.

Rent2Own Cars are all taxed by us for one year and each car will also have a current MOT at the commencement of the Rental. The renter must insure the vehicle with Fully Comprehensive Insurance and provide proof of cover.

Rent2Own Cars come with a 30 day Warranty. We can arrange extended cover for the first 30 Days to give our clients the peace of mind of knowing that the ongoing running cost of the vehicle are kept to a minimum. We can arrange an extended Warranty to cover the whole period of the rental if required at a reasonable cost and the price can be added to the rental package to spread the cost over the rental period. However, the renter is responsible for any general maintenance required to the vehicle during the rental period. Any Mechanical breakdowns can be carried out at our location and we will cover the cost of the labour but any parts required must be paid by the renter*.

We have a 4 Step Process

  1. Call us to Check availability of vehicles (our stock is constantly changing on a daily basis)
  2. Discuss the package and agree to the terms (ie Deposit and Weekly Payments you can afford.)
  3. Fill in an Application Form
  4. Provide 2 forms Of ID (1 must be a valid drivers licence and one a proof of residence such as Electric Bill)
  5. Sign the Contract, Pay your deposit and drive Away.

Example Rental Package deals would be:

  1. Car valued at £1495 would need a deposit of £350 followed by 51 weekly payments of £23.
  2. Car valued at £1895 would need a deposit of  £380 followed by 51 weekly payments of £30
  3. Van Valued at £2500 would need a deposit of £500 followed by 51 weekly payments of £40.

All Rental Agreements are interest Free and no other charges for the rental of the vehicle will be made.

You Pay what you see and you will own the vehicle at the end of the term.

The above are examples only.
The vehicles on this site have all been picked by our Vehicle Acquisition team as being good value, with a good service history, and checked to ensure that they run well. We want our customers to be happy customers so we take great care in selecting the vehicles we offer on our Rent2Own Cars UK Ltd Haslingden website.

Responsible lending from Rent2Own Cars and Vans Haslingden.

Our specialist knowledge of helping people with a variety of financial circumstances makes the whole process as simple as it could possibly be.

We don’t have a standard set of rules in relation to individual applications regarding credit worthiness, we do NOT make credit checks with credit reference agencies, each application is viewed on a case by case basis. If you can afford the deposit and weekly payments we can help.

We’ll process all of your data with the utmost security and form our decisions based on our own in-house assessments and experience of working with clients in this specialist field of Car Ownership. Our flexible approach ensures that each application is looked at carefully and Rental Packages are only offered to people we think can pay them back. This helps us to keep your rates down and our prices competitive.

PLEASE NOTE: It is essential that all renters read and understand the full Terms and Conditions of the Agreement before signing acceptance of a Vehicle by clicking HERE to open the T & C documentation.

The Rent 2 Own Cars and Vans Haslingden Rental packages are flexible and are designed to get you on the road with the minimum of fuss!

For more on how our Rent to Own System Works CLICK HERE

Additional Notes:-

* Full details of our Full Terms and Conditions CLICK HERE
Rent2own Cars Haslingden do not need to be registered with the FCA to offer short term credit of less than 12 Months according to the FCA Regulations which you can read by Clicking Here